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USFRA: Telling Ag’s Story

Posted on July 21, 2011

Telling the story of agriculture today should be one about innovation and pride. Instead, certain media and anti-ag organizations are telling a different story, a negative one about those very same people who are growing the food that feeds much of the world today. So instead of letting urban journalists continue to rip on conventional agriculture, an alliance has been formed to tell the real story of how our nation’s food is raised from the producers themselves, America’s family farmers and ranchers.

The newly formed organization is called the United States Farmers and Ranchers Alliance, and they are asking for something very simple from producers…raise your voice and tell your story. The time has never been more important to create an educational dialogue between the people who raise the food and the people who eat it. Consumers are eager to know more about how their food was raised and farmers need to do a better job of telling them.

Farmers and ranchers have done an amazing job of feeding the world by adapting to new technologies and changing their practices in order to become more efficient and productive. In fact on average, each American farmer and rancher feeds an average of 155 people each year, that’s up from 73 people just 40 years ago. But now it’s time to make another adjustment, sharing their story of success with the rest of world who takes them for granted. And what a story it is, about our countries family farmers and ranchers, who are growing the most abundant, affordable, nutritious and safest food in the entire world.

For more information on the USFRA check out their website at:

You can also follow them on Twitter: @USFRA and on Facebook.

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